Age of Apocalypse Poster #10 Nightcrawler and Mystique by Carlos Pacheco (X-Calibre # 3)


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X-Calibre is a team built around Nightcrawler, who is sent by Magneto to locate Destiny, a mutant capable of seeing into the future, so that she can verify Bishop’s story. Nightcrawler must travel to Avalon, a secret refuge where mutants and humans live together in peace. Along his journey, he encounters John Proudstar, the pirate Callisto, and his mother Mystique. The chief antagonists for Nightcrawler’s journey consist of the Pale Riders, a trio of Apocalypse’s servants made up of Moonstar, Damask, Dead Man Wade and the Shadow King. Nightcrawler’s team consists of Mystique, Switchback, and later Damask, who joins Nightcrawler after realizing the beauty Avalon has to offer. The X-Calibre series gets its name from an in-joke between Nightcrawler and his mother, Mystique, because of the caliber of bullets she uses, simply stamped with an X.

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