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A New Beginning II : A Personal Handbook to Enhance Your Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness Paperback
by Jerry Hicks (Author), Esther Hicks (Author)

This is an uplifting book that strikes a chord with the very core of your being. Written by Abraham-Hicks to assist you in understanding the absolute connection between your physical self and your inner self, Abraham puts this physical life experience into perspective as they explain and define who we really are and why we have come forth as physical beings. This book is filled with processes and examples to assist you in making a deliberate conscious connection with your own Inner Being, that you might find the awesome satisfaction with this physical life experience that can only come once this connection is made.

A New Beginning II contains uplifting new material from Abraham including Law of Attraction, Law of Allowing, and the effective use of your Guidance System. Includes questions and answers from live workshops, affirmations, and powerful processes for increasing your ability to intentionally create whatever you want.

Like the book before it, A NEW BEGINNING II is clear, practical, inspiring and empowering with more focus on how to realign with your Inner Being. The bottom line for Abraham-Hicks is to choose to feel good in every moment. From that base of joy you will naturally and easily create what you want for yourself and the world.

Excited about the clarity and practicality of the translated word from abraham, Jerry and Esther Hicks began, in 1986, disclosing their Abraham experience to a handful of close business associates. Then, recognizing the practical results being received by those persons who began plying Abraham with meaningful personal questions regarding their finances, bodily conditions, and relationships…the Hickses made a conscious decision to allow Abrahams teachings to become available to an ever widening circle of seekers. And that circle continues to expand even as you read this page.

Jerry and Esther have now published more than 380 Abraham-Hicks books, cassettes and videos, and have been presenting open group interactive workshops in as many as 59 cities a year to those who gather to participate in this progressive stream of thought.

Although worldwide attention has been given by leading edge thinkers to this “Science of Deliberate Creation” who, in turn, incorporate many of Abrahams concepts into their books, lectures, sermons, screenplays and scripts, the primary spread of this material has been from person to person as individuals begin to discover the value of these materials in their practical, personal experience.

Abraham, a group of obviously evolved teachers, speak their broader Nonphysical perspective through the physical apparatus of Esther. Speaking to our level of comprehension, from their present moment to our now, through a series of loving, allowing, brilliant yet comprehensively simple, recordings in print and in sound they guide us to a clear connection with our Inner Being they guide us to self-upliftment from our Total Self.

Paperback: 278 pages
Publisher: J. & E. Hicks

I have read many books like this (Seth, etc.) but the difference withi this book is that it is focussed on giving the reader specific exercises, along with examples and instructions, on how to “consciously create” your world.

The changes are almost immediate, since you are actually changing your thoughts on a minute by minute, day by day basis.

I have recently read Wayne Dyer’s book, “The Power of Intention”, which is very similar and draws upon this heavily. However, this material, possibly because it is coming from non-physical beings, is more succinct, clearer, and more comprehensive.

As Abraham says (I am paraphrasing): there is a small and growing number of people on earth who know that they create their own reality. Of those, there is an even smaller who are looking for the mechanisms of how to do this. It is this latter group for whom the book was written.

If you already know that you create your own reality, but want to know how to change the way you do it, and refine your methods, then this book is for you.

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