10-Minute Critical Thinking Activities for Math Classes SC Hope Martin


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10-Minute Critical Thinking Activities for Math Paperback
by Hope Martin (Author)

Begin each math lesson with a challenging brainteaser—and watch your teens’ logic skills flourish! Featuring 56 engaging activities to complement lessons in algebra, geometry, number theory, sequencing, patterning, and more, this handy supplement encourages students to find creative solutions to a variety of problems as they sharpen their critical reasoning skills. Answer key included. 74 reproducible pages, softcover from Walch.

Ready-to-use activities that reinforce key skills.

Age Range: 12 – 14 years
Grade Level: 7 – 9
Paperback: 74 pages
Publisher: Walch Publishing

I bought this book so I could be kept up-to-date on my math skills. This book was an excellent choice for me. I has tons of problems in the following areas: Critical Thinking and Algebra, Logic and Criticial Thinking, Number theory and Problem Solving, Sequenes Patterns and Codes and Visual/Geometric Patterns. It starts of basic and gets more challenging. First you do work with pattersn, then algebra, then some hard logic problems, and onto problems involving thinking and counting (not simple 1,2,3 counting). I recommend this book to any adult who wants to “keep in touch” with their math skills. It is also good for a high school math class.

Book has a little wear along spine. 0-8251-3816-7.


Spotting along edges. Otherwise in near mint condition. Almost sure it’s a 1st printing.